Welcome to Feast of the Centuries!

And we are just putting this super food blog together as I type this, so excuse the “dust” (which could be powdered sugar knowing us).  For those of you who don’t know us, we three (well, three so far, there might be others in the future) are foodies on a Historical Mission to share food goodness whereever possible.  Whether that is in the form of recipes, interesting facts, historical tidbits, interviews, reviews, how-to’s or what-have-yous… we will be there serving up the information and the good flavors.

The official introductions should be up on the main page in a few days (knock on wood) and more links will be added that I have, but we will always be open to hearing what our readers have to say.  If you have any interesting links, redactions to any period recipes, reviews of books related to cooking, or anything that would fit into the food ideal we are trying to relate to, please contact us privately!  Always appreciate that sort of thing.

More later!  Thank you for your peeks and interest.


Chief troublemaker and headcheese smeller


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