About US

Mercy Asakura is a freelance artist, photographer and writer. Her work has been published over the past 15 years in magazines like Craftworks for the Home, Quick and Easy Crafts, and various other mainstream magazines. Her photography has been on business covers and art magazines alike. A foodie, a baker, and a home cook, Mercy enjoys history and cooking.

JK Holloway is a professional librarian and co-author of Concordance of English Recipes: Thirteenth to Fifteenth Centuries, 2006, and a bibliography on “Medieval Food and Drink” for Oxford Bibliographies Online (Authority and Innovation for Research) 2010. She edits Elizabethan cookery books for medievalcookery.com.

JoHnnae llyn lewis (THL) joined the Society in 1973. Autumn 2018 marks her 45th anniversary since joining. She answers reference questions on various Society e-mail lists as well as writing articles for numerous publications. Johnnae often makes appearances at various Society culinary conferences, including the West Coast Culinary Symposiums. She was recognized with a William Blackfox award in 2012 and again in 2017! Johnnae was chosen as one of the notables honored in the Hall of 50 at the Society’s 50th Anniversary celebration. She also knits. She blogs on sugar and Subtleties at: https://commonplaceboke.blogspot.com/2015/

Susan Fox is a Culinary Historian, which is nicer than saying a crazed food geek. As a member of the Hospitality Committee of the Culinary Historians of Southern California, she creates reception menus that compliment speakers’ topics on every subject in food history. As a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, she reads, interprets and adapts historical recipes to create a taste of the past! Her work has been seen on Food Network on THE SECRET LIFE OF… To support her foodie habit, she has worked as the mild-mannered managing editor of HOLLYWOOD NEWS CALENDAR since 1987.

Patricia Lammerts is currently a retired Acquisitions Librarian. She has been a member in the Society for Creative Anachronism for more than 30 years and has been recognized for her work in historic cookery by being elevated into the Order of the Laurel, which is their highest arts award. She has been creating historically researched banquets and has redacted many medieval recipes into modern recipes. She is also translating an historic 16th Century German cookbook into English.

[Editor Update… it is with great regret to say that Pat passed away the ending of September. She lost her battle with Cancer. As her friend, I have decided to leave up her posts and leave her personal description up as she wrote it. We miss her terribly.]

Some of the medieval Block prints were taken from A Feast for the Eyes. The more modern clip art is from Dover and all photography is Mercy Neumark, all rights reserved.

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