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More on Tudor England and Hampton Court

Some more details about Tudor England, cooking, and what was being done in the kitchens at Hampton Court.

What the Cooks Wore and Why in Tudor England, Hampton Court Kitchens

Lighting a Tudor fire without matches

Henry's VIII diet

The Kitchens of Hampton Court

A very good friend of mine posted a lovely video about the Kitchens at Hampton Court. Over the years, I knew that when you visited the site in the UK, that there were demos and people using the kitchens. However, I never thought to look at You Tube to see if there were any videos on the subject.

Here are a few videos about Tudor cooking (Henry the VIII) and life in Hampton Court, showing how the recreate the past first hand.

Henry the VIII Kitchens at Hampton Court

King's Confectionary

Show and Tell with Spices